Turquoise, December’s birthstone, is usually associated with jewelry, artifacts and decor of western Native American tribes. Many, believe the healing properties will occur most prominent if you wear turquoise anywhere on your body. Specifically if you wear it on your throat, third eye or solar plexus. Turquoise is among the master healers of stones, having the ability to clear the throat chakra of blockages of suppressed self expression that could date back into your ancestors.

Physical Healing

Turquoise can help with detoxification of alcohol,  poison, pollution or radiation of any kind to the body. Also, extremely great for high blood pressure, TMJ and other dental problems, and asthma. Your body will absorb the properties that this stone emits through your skin, which is why it is especially great to wear it and in necklace form so it is closest to your throat.

Mental Healing

Crystal healing also heals mentally too, not just for physical aliments. A great one for all you boss babes, is if you have a slight fear of public speaking, wear turquoise because it is said to help calm you and your fear will go away, allowing you to speak clearly, honest and loving. There are tons of positive characteristics that you will feel more of with this stone: peace, intuition, empathy, creativity, and wisdom. Turquoise is also the stone of friendship and communication, working together to open up honest communication between friends and sharing strengths and forming a stronger bond as friends.



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